We're currently recruiting all classes and roles.  Highest priority is holy paladins, boomkins, dps dks, and anyone with a viable spec in two different roles.  Backup and social raiders are always welcome, and will have first chance at a slot on the main roster if one comes up.  We'll be raiding Wednesdays, Sundays, and Mondays 20.00-23.00.  If CotD sounds like your kind of guild, fill in the application form below.

What we expect of our raiders:

  • Over 18s only please - we know there are some very mature teenagers out there, but most of us are in our 30s, so the environment isn't really suitable for kids.
  • Maintaining attendance of 75% and preferably more, and letting the raid leader know well in advance if you can't make it.
  • Being able to handle constructive criticism during and after the raids.
  • Listening to Discord and doing the things you are told to by the raid leader or other officers (having a mic and being able to speak is an advantage).
  • Having situational awareness during boss fights; not standing in the fire.
  • Having the patience to wipe and learn and wipe and learn during progress fights
  • Showing up prepared (reading up on new boss tactics, consumables, flasks etc).
  • Being online, with consumables, and outside the raid instance in plenty of time for raid invites.

What we are NOT looking for in new recruits:

  • Players that don’t take time when making their application. Our decision is largely based on your application, put some effort into it.  Including logs in your application will vastly increase your chance of success.
  • Players that can’t handle criticism.
  • Players that are not willing to improve their own game play every time they play.
  • Players that are have unstable connections, disconnection issues or PC problems which prevent them from being online.
  • Players that don't put maximum effort into their character (enchants/gems/rep gear/crafts/professions etc.)