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We crossed over to different realities, different time lines killed hard bosses and triumphed over shity mechanics!

Gul'dan is finally dead! Thank you all for doing incredible work in Nighthold!

All this awesome work from our raid glorious leader and officer team has been fantastic! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the team!

Now we look towards the Tomb of sargeras and the wonders it holds!

Cult of the Doomed rules!!

PS: Recruitment is once again open! We are looking for all roles with our major requirements being, long-lasting raiding consistency and the right attitude towards progression.

Finally, we killed a boss that was worth a screenshot! Krosus is dead and added to the ever-growing farm list.  It took about 110 wipes, sweat and tears… 

It wasn’t easy, as our main tank, Terrek, despite being a paladin did /vanish and it worked! We haven’t seen him ever since!  Sharpman was there to catch the ball and saved the moment by stepping up and automatically assuming the maintank role.

A big thanks to Raizz for the effort he puts to keep the team going, setting an example in every aspect of the game and successfully making the hard calls. His commitment to excellence has inspired all of us. THANK YOU RAIZZ!

A special thank you to Lovana who was there to back us up with any role we could possibly need and Deamonsheep whose epic spec flexibility gave us the kill.

Lastly, I want to acknowledge everyone’s extra effort for maintaining a top tier raiding team! Especially those who make sure not to miss a single raid! Those that had Augment Runes on every whipe, those who had stacks of spare of Vantus Runes to give to the slackers. I can go on for ever! Thank you all!

PS: Recruitment is once again open! We are looking for all roles with our major requirements being, long-lasting raiding consistency and the right attitude.

See you all tonight in raid…


Xavius succumbed to our mighty swords... Emerald Nightmare Mythic is clear. 

Cult of the Doomed is stronger than ever! Not only we managed to keep our pace from WOD but we have improved dramatically. With that in mind, the expectations have risen and this has helped us boost raiding consistency and maintain a healthy rotating bench. Even fucking recruitment is closed... lol (not for YOU exceptional player that is reading this and is wondering if we have space for you, just apply dont think about it)

The team is solid and will continue clearing endgame content before any major nerfs while keeping our spirit up even on the worst wipefests.  

PS: A big thanks to Raizz and Queli for organizing all these. 

Legion Raiding Team

GintoniK posted Aug 1, 16

If you are already in the guild and you are interested in raiding Legion's Mythic content with Cult of the Doomed read the following post carefully and sign up with the appropriate form. 

In case you have questions do not hesitate to contact me in game or on the guild forums.

READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN UP understand how important it is for the people that commit, respect the players that want a consistent raid team.


What a superb jurney we had! Thank you all for being here, thank you alll for your effort. A big thanks to Why No Love and the overall hearthwarming pve community of the server group!

HFC progress might be over but we have alot of work to do unil legion hits! Sign up for raids and lets aim for efficient - wipeless clears!

We are entering a period of heavy recruitment in order to prepare for legion. More specifically we are looking for a Non-DK tank and 2 dps, 1 ranged (non-hunter), 1 mdps (non warrior)

So if you are over 18 y.o., have at least 10/13 Mythic experience, gear ready for mythic clear, 795 ring and 4-set. A functional mic, patience and persistence , do not hesitate to drop an application.

Cult of the Doomed is waiting for you!

Guild Progress
The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 100%
Trial of Valor: 100%
Tomb of Sargeras: 89%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 100%
Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 689
World Rank 1105